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"As a Chiropractor, I treat my patients the way I’d want my family to be treated. My goal is to...Read More

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Our patients have found relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions including: Back pain, Sports...Read More

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We offer a broad of services to help you meet your goal. Whether it is recovering from an injury or improving...Read More

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Located in Buffalo and Delano Minnesota...Read More


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At-home fix for your low back pain. This is the protocol Dr. Carter uses when he's unable to get treatment himself...Read More

Most people carry their stress here and find it difficult to get relief from pain in this area. Other factors affecting this area are...Read More

Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and foot pain can all be caused by tightness in your lower leg muscles. Running, gymnastics, wearing high heels all...Read More

The IT Band is a long piece of connective tissue located on the outer thigh and knee.  Tightness, weakness or overuse can cause pain in your...Read More