Helping you perform your best in work, sport and life!

We keep the cities of Buffalo, St. Michael and Maple Lake InMotion!

Too many people in Buffalo are struggling with back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain.

This pain keeps you from enjoying the activities you like to do. Our approach at InMotion Chiropractic
helps you get your body moving again like it was designed to do.

What you can look forward to…

Freedom From Pain

Nothing robs your of your energy or takes away your ability to participate in activities like pain.  Our goal is to help you stop the pain cycle and get you feeling great again.

Do The Things You Love

We may not get you back to your high school or college glory days but we are experienced enough to help you achieve a personal best in your next half marathon,  triathlon or Crossfit event.

Live A Healthy Life

You have goals that you want to accomplish in your lifetime and we want to help you achieve them.  From work life to family life our goal is to keep you InMotion to get you to your finish line.

Our Team


Your body is an awesome machine and is very resilient except when something so simple as sleeping wrong, putting on your socks or even a long car ride can cause you so much pain.  And then, simple activities such as getting the kids off to school, driving into work or working out become impossible.  

At InMotion Chiropractic, our team is well trained to help you overcome any new injuries or any old nagging injuries.  We also have a strong background in treating sports injuries for all ages and levels.  

Our goal at InMotion Chiropractic is to get you back to enjoying the things you love to do quickly!


Here are just a few of the techniques we use to keep you InMotion…

Active Release Techniques

Rock Tape

Cold Laser Therapy

Precision Nutrition


I have gone to Ericka for years and she is amazing! Whether it’s a sports massage, deep tissue, or relaxation–she can do it all! She is very professional and experienced. I have gone to other therapists through the years, but Ericka is BY FAR the best!

– Paula D.

I had a massage today from Lauren and it was amazing! From the heated bed, stones and towels, I feel like a new woman. I will definitely make another appointment with Lauren and Dr. Carter. I really like InMotion Chiropractic and the staff is so friendly.

– Teri F.

Dr. Carter was very professional and knowledgeable. He is a good listener and was able to quickly diagnose and start effective treatments. He has positive energy and helps to set up goals which gives hope when a patient. might feel depressed by his or her injury. He is always teaching during the appointment. Highly recommend!

– Deanna O.

We have the tools and the experience to help you get pain free.


Chiropractic Care


Auto Accident Recovery


Sports Injuries


Massage Therapy


Rehab Programs


Cold Laser Therapy

Take the next step to feeling great again…

Schedule An Appointment.

Call, email or Facebook Message our office to schedule your appointment.  Same-day appointments are often available.

Create A Course of Action.

Based on your examination findings and your outcome goals, a personalized plan will be designed to address your condition and help your recover quickly.  

Get Results!

Start feeling great again. By using a combination of chiropractic, soft-tissue techniques, mobility, exercises and specialized tools, we’ll have you feeling better in no time. 

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